Journal Assignment #1: “Cool Typography”

26 01 2011

I’m hardly a Star Wars fan, but I love how this plays with different characters aside from letters. From

This picture is interesting to me because of the movement. The text reads the name of music artists and the movement of the towering words adds to that. From

This is one of my favorite examples of typography posters I’ve found. It interests me because of the colors used within the image and the variety of typefaces used. From

I think this is interesting because it takes a different spin on the word and the way it is portrayed to look like bones, perhaps coming out of skin.

These four images are ways that typography is used for practical items. Each image is interesting in it’s own way but my favorite are the plate that has the alphabet engraved into it as well as the pillow. I love pillows. From

This is an amazing display of typography that incorporates decorations into it. It’s even more interesting that this is solely made of paper. From

More practical displays of typography. If you looks closely the words read “pitter” and “patter” which is the sound that rain makes when it hits an umbrella. I also found it interesting that the typography is on the inside of the umbrella as opposed to the outside. From

I think I was drawn to this because I have a passion for photography. Using light to create photos has always been an interesting art and this was such a unique and clever idea. From (taken from the profile of Nir Tober)

Google is famous for changing up their logo to portray social events. This one represents the 71st anniversary of the Wizard of Oz. The most interesting traits are the sticks that make up the “G” on the left side and the “L” that is made by the castle. From

This is a Nike T-Shirt designed by a student. My favorite part of this design is the fact that the letters are completely made up of shapes and color. Triangles, rectangles, and circles. From




One response

31 01 2011
Daniel Velazquez

The image with the names of musical artists/bands is pretty cool. Love how the type is made to resemble a volcano shape erupting. Love the bones type, smart. The google logo is quite creative! Very cool nike t-shirt, very architectural.

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